Watercolor Architeture
Personal Project and Client work (2016-2017)

I always loved to travel and of course watercolors, I admire a lot people that do urban sketches and can capture the beauty of the places in the paper, rules and perspective have never been my speciality but it's I started to have a lot of fun painting this houses and places after years of struggle, specially because the colors help me a lot to cover my flaws in the straight lines. :)

Materials: Fabriano 90lbs paper
Coatman, Holbein and Van Gogh Watercolors
Personal work: Montreal Buildings
Client work : Victoria Sunshine Cotage in BC, Canada
Client work : Hotel in Miami for Glamour Magazine Brazil
Personal work: Montreal buildings
Personal work:  La Maison Rose in Paris and Cotage
Personal work: Parque Laje - One of the most beautiful place in Brazil.
Personal work: Purple Cotages
Thank you very much for watching!
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