Les Histoires Bizarres du Professeur - season 1
Studio: Salambo Productions - http://www.salamboproductions.com
Really proud of sharing some of my work as a 2d artist, mainly prop designer and environment designer on "Les Histoires Bizarres du Professeur Zarbi"  I worked along with the super talented team at Salambo Productions.
An expert in paranormal phenomena, Professor Zarbi and his young
assistant, Benjamin, take us on strange adventures involving the
supernatural and the occult. This new TV series is air on Teletoon la nuit this fall 2019. 

The animation is done on the 2D software ToonBoom and the design elements are done on Photoshop using the photobashing technique.

Characters and Animation by Salambo Team
House Progress
Prop- Canoe Pimp
Props - Broken Canoe
Props - Canoe
Props - Profile Mustang
Props - 3/4 Mustang
Props - house
props - Grange
My name on the credits! :) 
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