My name is Camila

Nice to meet you,

I'm a very passionate illustrator and visual artist.

I've worked for several publishers and clients illustrating books and magazines and also creating small animations for start ups. If you liked my work or you wanna talk about your project please send me an email to: cpicheco@gmail.com It will be pleasure to work with you.

My speciality is characters and portraits, I can draw portraits that captures someone's inner personality, I am a professional at showing subtle narratives and emotions.

I never miss deadlines and I am confortable in high pressure situations. I add my personal touch and I execute your vision for the project.

I'm Brazilian but since 2011 I live in Montreal, Canada. My passions are fashion, watercolors and design.

I speak English, French, Portuguese and a little Spanish, please feel free to write me in any of these languages. 🙂

download my cv