“What destroy a watercolor is not so much a lack of technique but a lack of confidence” Joseph Zbuvic


I found last year at my parents house one painting that I did in 2004, almost 12 years ago that made think about all I’ve lived in theses years, the times I quited  drawing and painting and nowdays that I am really dedicating myself to this art.


I did this Japanese girl on my illustration course in Brazil, I was really into manga that time (and I am still love it hehe) and one thing that I never forget when I was learning it was my teacher, Emerson Penerari, saying: “Watercolor is like a wild animal, if you show fear the watercolor will notice.” then I’ve never been scared of it.

I tried digital art and I do vector and photoshop painting but for me there’s nothing like the commitiment that you have with the paper and also nowdays we can mix this 2 medias, I mean I can paint traditionally, scan and do the whole composition on photoshop wich is amazing, it really made it possible accomplish the result I wanted for Vanessa’s book. 🙂 unfortunately I lost the psd files but maybe one day I do a video process of it.

My first contact was in 2003/4 but only general, nothing really specific about watercolor in college and illustration classes, I kept painting to my self sometimes but mostly pencilcolors, photoshop and adobe flash in 2005-8…. I won a little Faber Castel Studiol box in college, the representants of the brand went to my college and did a giveaway and I was the lucky one to win this.

In 2009 I feel in love again with this tecnique when started to use the water brushes and I loved it, and I bought my first watercolor moleskine! And finally in 2015, last year I studied specifically watercolor with different teachers. I wanna keep doing and see till where I can go, and I hope I can go much further with that, I hope I keep painting till I’m 90 years old. 🙂

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